“Thanks so much for all your hard work this weekend. It really was a pleasure to shoot with you and I’m very aware that the weekend could have panned out quite differently had you not been so excellent with your lines. So we were very lucky with you!”

Claudia Lee, Head of production at Regiepapst MedienProduktion GmbH (referencing a film I was the lead role in)


I’m a dry comedic Midwestern American performer in Berlin with a bass voice.

Specialties: deadpan, physical comedy, improvisation. Excel at playing arrogant, incompetent authority figures. Leslie Nielsen fan.

I do English language dubbing and record documentary narration and audiobooks in my home studio.

Und mein Deutsch ist nicht schlecht. Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind, bitte.


In April 2021, I’m narrating a documentary for director Marcel Kolvenbach.

In March 2021, I’ve started writing and voicing a tourism podcast for the city of Berlin.

In mid-October 2020, I did the voiceover for a television commercial for the fashion company UMASAN.

In early October 2020, I voiced three gangsters being wiretapped for a new documentary.

In September 2020, I dubbed the character of Colonel Glukhov in addition to several minor characters in the 2020 Russian Film Kalashnikov (AK-47).

In late July 2020, I booked and shot an online acting project playing a technologically-challenged, confused Zoom conference call participant. These were the pilot ten episodes of a possibly ongoing series.

Shortly before the COVID shutdown, I booked a TV ad for Gegenbauer. Production has been rescheduled for 2021.

My TV Commercial Agent