The Born Again Identity

In the Bourne Trilogy, Jason Bourne is an amnesiac. He knows nothing of his past and is desperately trying to figure it all out, a situation I can well relate to.

This scene from The Bourne Identity especially hits home as Bourne suddenly discovers that he has abilities that he never knew he had. His looks of surprise at what he can instinctively do are priceless.

On a slightly less badass level, it reminds me of when, out of financial desperation, I spontaneously started a painting/handyman company in New York City and, to my surprise, discovered I had a propensity for it. Some customers even asked me, ‘did you go to school for this? and, over the course of a decade, I was recognized for my work in three separate publications.

Where did that knack come from? It seemed contrary to who I really was, or rather, who I had been told that I was by the people who raised me. My adoptive mother forbade my adoptive father from teaching me how to use tools and yet here I was as an adult instinctively having a knack almost as if I’d been born with the ability. 

But that couldn’t be possible. Aren’t adopted children blank slates?

Upon meeting my mother for the first time, she told me that her father had been a welder and my own father a tile setter.

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